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Quit the smoking habit with hypnotherapy

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Quit the smoking habit with hypnotherapy*

hypnosis to stop smokingNo one can deny that giving up cigarettes can be a tough challenge, but help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy can make this easier to achieve.* Habitual behaviour doesn’t happen overnight and as with all habits there are sub-conscious prompts which are established over time. While not all habits are harmful, when the physical addiction to nicotine is combined with the emotional sensation of a hand-to-mouth action, the routine of smoking a cigarette can be difficult to break.

Hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice can help you to quit the habit by first identifying the triggers which urge you to smoke.* Stress is a major contributor to a dependence on smoking, with the belief that this is the only way to relax and reduce anxiety, even though the effects are short-lived. However, stress isn’t the only reason and much depends on your history as a smoker and how it first began.

During sessions with hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to trace the origins of your smoking habit.* You may have tried your first cigarette during your teenage years when smoking was fashionable and you were influenced by your peers in the belief that this enabled you to integrate and to be accepted within the group. This need for social bonding if often a barrier to becoming a non-smoker if you are constantly in the company of smokers. The urge to light a cigarette can often be triggered when there is a sub-conscious response to mirroring the action of others, even if you have no physical need for nicotine at the time.

By identifying the deeper issues to your smoking habit and addressing the psychological reasons for an emotional dependence on cigarettes, new coping-mechanisms can be established. Hypnotherapy provides a completely safe and medication-free solution to reducing stress and improving self-confidence, in both professional and social situations.* Introducing new pathways with positive ‘stop smoking‘ affirmations will set you on track to achieving your goal to quitting the unhealthy and costly habit.*

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