Conquer a Fear of Public Speaking with Hypnotherapy in Highgate*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingMost people would say they have some sort of phobia and may be able to easily avoid putting themselves in a situation which would cause anxiety. However, when a phobic reaction affects the daily enjoyment of life this can become extremely stressful. One of the most common types of phobias is the fear of public speaking and contrary to wide opinion, this doesn’t necessarily relate only to speaking in front of an audience or a large group of people. Help to overcome this distress is available with hypnotherapy in Highgate at the Conway Practice, where the underlying cause can be established and negative thoughts replaced with positivity.*

You may find that you become anxious simply at the very thought of joining in with a conversation where you feel out of your comfort zone. This can be a form of a social phobia where you are afraid of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time and will embarrass yourself. Negative thought patterns may well have formed over a long period of time, with early life influences and past experiences now stored deeply in the sub-conscious. Classrooms are a prime example of environments where being pressured to speak in front of your peers can trigger a negative reaction remaining as a core belief that you are under threat from criticism.

Hypnotherapy in Highgate, North London can greatly improve your interview and presentation techniques, relieving the discomfort of physical reactions to fear, such as perspiring and palpitations or feelings of nausea.

During hypnosis the mind is far more receptive to positive suggestion and guided by Jonathan you will begin to readdress misbeliefs with positive affirmations. Perhaps negative self-talk has led you to believe that you will be judged badly on what you have to say and previous troubling incidents will continue when faced with a similar situation. This mindset can be changed with the help of hypnotherapy by focusing on an improved self image and increased motivation.

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How Hypnotherapy in Highgate Can Help With Your Fear of Public Speaking*

public-speaking-brightonDo you need help to overcome your fear of public speaking When you’re faced with standing up and speaking in front of an audience, even a small one, your mind may go completely blank and a feeling of panic may set in.

That fear may be so powerful that your heart rate quickens, your breathing becomes shallow and you feel that you are close to collapse.

 This is actually a common phobia and can often be traced back to a conditioned belief or an upsetting incident that occurred earlier in your life.

Hypnotherapy sessions in Highgate help you to identify and recognise the root cause of your fear*.

The actual problem may not be the concern of whether you’ll remember what you have to say, it’s more likely to be a deep fear of receiving a negative reaction from your audience. In the past you may have felt that you were always being ‘put down’ or criticised by siblings, parents or teachers in the classroom in front of others.

This fear of public speaking may be limiting your professional life if you are expected to present to your superiors or talk at seminars. It may also inhibit your performance in interviews and restrict your chances of promotion if you have to present to a panel.

Students may avoid classes where they are afraid that they will perform badly if they have to explain their ideas or read out loud. This self-consciousness may also affect other situations when communication is necessary, such as asking a stranger for directions. This is especially the case when there is a combination of phobias; a fear of public speaking (glossophobia) and a social anxiety phobia.

What you are afraid of most, a negative reaction, is unlikely to happen. These unfounded fears can be helped through hypnotherapy and NLP, enabling you to overcome them and move forward*.

This will ultimately reduce your self-consciousness and increase your self-confidence*. Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Highgate are completely safe, leaving you in a relaxed state of mind and in control throughout.

Using the power of your own imagination, visualisation techniques will allow you to approach public speaking in a confident and calm state of mind*.

If you would like to know more about how you can be helped to overcome your fear of public speaking, please contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Highgate, or leave a comment below.

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