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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy in Brighton*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you want to lose weight, have you considered your relationship with food? Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice can be achieved by allowing you to address subconscious thoughts which result in negative eating habits undermining any attempts to lose weight.*

Unlike ineffective yo-yo dieting, or crash diets which are unsustainable, weight management with hypnotherapy is about understanding the role food plays in your life and why it has been difficult to control your cravings.* Hypnosis weight loss techniques can help you to recognise the underlying causes which trigger the unhealthy eating habits contributing to weight gain and the inability to achieve the necessary life-style changes.* The mind is far more open to positive suggestion during the relaxed state of hypnosis, enabling Jonathan to trace the origins of your attitude to food and where changes need to be introduced.*

The subconscious prompts which trigger patterns of negative eating have various sources. Mindless eating can be associated with boredom, where food is simply something to help pass the time, without an awareness of any feeling of fullness, or how much is being consumed. Hypnotherapy can enable you to recognise the specific danger zones and to disassociate food with situations where you are at most risk of temptation.*

Comfort eating is often a learned response which can be traced back to childhood and family influences with food continuing to be a coping mechanism when you’re feeling anxious or miserable. Hypnosis for weight loss is an effective coaching tool, allowing you to process negative emotions and understand the distinction between emotional and physical hunger.* In re-conditioning your subconscious, the delusion that food is the solution to stress or low self-esteem can be replaced with a new and positive mind-set and a far healthier lifestyle.*

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