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A stop smoking plan with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

By October 31, 2019No Comments

Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking at The Conway PracticeEach time you reach for a cigarette, do you tell yourself that this will be your last one, only for your resolve to rapidly weaken?  As this year’s Stoptober challenge comes to an end and your intention to stop smoking for good hasn’t been achieved, don’t be discouraged. You can find help to quit smoking with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, ending a negative habit which you have struggled to overcome.*

Without doubt, attempting to break any habit without support is difficult and as nicotine is an extremely addictive substance, this makes it even harder. However long you have been a smoker, providing you are fully committed to quitting, hypnotherapy sessions in Brighton with Jonathan Conway provide a safe and medication-free method to be free of the dependence.* During the relaxed state of hypnosis the factors triggering your need to smoke can be identified and addressed.*

Stress is a common reason for a smoker continuing the habit, often due to work-related pressure or with personal issues. Nicotine withdrawal is relatively short-lived, but  if the root cause of the pressure continues, the smoker will relapse. No one would dispute that giving up the habit is in itself stressful, but the therapeutic process of hypnosis will help you to deal with the subconscious prompts which trigger the hand-to-mouth response by introducing new coping mechanisms and increase self-motivation.*

It’s important to appreciate that although there may have been failures in the past, with a positive approach to dealing with the addiction your goal to stop smoking with hypnotherapy is achievable.* As a smoker, you have been attempting to manage your stress in an unhealthy way and have lacked the solution to get this under control. During hypnosis you will learn how to substitute negative thoughts of failure with positive visualisation of how much healthier and happier you will feel when you are no longer smoking.*

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