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Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveEfforts to quit smoking are often met with numerous challenges, leading to frequent failures in achieving long-term cessation. Understanding why these attempts falter requires an understanding of the complex nature of your dependence, including emotional factors and social influences. When friends and family ask you for the reason behind your smoking habit, the common answer may well be that you are unable to overcome the physical need for nicotine and the withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop. You may be surprised to find however, that this is by no means the only barrier to becoming a non-smoker. Brighton Hypnotherapy to Manage a Smoking Habit at The Conway Practice involves a holistic approach, where all aspects of your habit will be explored and addressed.*

For example, smoking a cigarette and sucking on a baby’s dummy or a thumb may seem worlds apart, but there are intriguing similarities in the sensations they provide. Both activities engage the oral fixation, tapping into instincts associated with comfort and satisfaction. Firstly, the act of drawing smoke from a cigarette involves a rhythmic inhaling and exhaling pattern, akin to the sucking motion a baby makes with a dummy. This repetitive action while smoking triggers a calming effect, reminiscent of the soothing sensation which remains stored in the subconscious mind. The tactile sensation of holding a cigarette between the lips or fingers can create a sense of contentment and fulfilment, serving as a coping mechanism during times of stress and anxiety, providing a sense of security and reassurance.

Cigarette smoking may also be linked to feelings of nostalgia or familiarity, especially if you started to smoke at a young age. This becomes intertwined with various aspects of daily life, forming ingrained habits and routines. Whether it’s lighting up after a meal, during breaks at work or in social situations, these associations create subconscious triggers that prompt cravings, making it challenging to break the cycle of addiction. During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan Conway using Brighton Hypnotherapy to Manage a Smoking Habit will help you to recognise the emotional factors related to your smoking dependence.* New coping mechanisms can then be introduced, together with distraction techniques and relaxation methods.* Positive affirmations will also enable you to increase motivation and to visualise a healthier lifestyle as a non-smoker.*

Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach, with more than 25 years of experience. In-person sessions to manage a smoking habit with hypnotherapy can be held at The Conway Practice in Brighton or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone, if preferred.

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