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Be Free of Your Fear of Flying with Hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeHave you missed out on a holiday with friends or family due to a flying phobia, which leaves you dreading the thought of boarding an aeroplane? Although you may want to join others in enjoying an overseas break, your anxiety could just be too overwhelming for you to make the journey. At the Conway Practice, Jonathan Conway can help you to be free of a fear of flying or other travel phobias with hypnotherapy.*

 Aerophobia is more common than you may realise, but this can be less obvious than other phobias as air travel can generally be avoided, leaving others unaware that there is a problem. You may have no conscious awareness of the origin of your fear and it can even be linked to a seemingly insignificant negative influence from the past such as viewing graphic media coverage or a movie featuring an incident in the air.

The issue is often more than a fear of the aircraft crashing, as there may well be other factors to consider. While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, it becomes easier to reach the thoughts which are stored in your subconscious mind.* The root cause of your anxiety may for example be due to a fear of not having personal control, leaving you to rely on someone you have never met flying the plane and is wholly responsible for your safety. You also may have the fear that you are trapped for the duration of the journey and unable to leave should you want to.

This isn’t only restricted to air travel and many who have a fear of flying also become anxious when they find themselves in any situation where they are not in in the driving seat, whether that may be an aeroplane or when travelling in a car as a passenger. This can be severely life-limiting, not only for pleasure but also  for meeting professional obligations with work-related travel.

During sessions with hypnosis, Jonathan will address the thoughts that have been negatively affecting the true sense of reality, introducing new coping mechanisms and enabling positive change to take place.* Calming and positive visualisation exercises will help you to release your fears and reduce anxiety levels, ensuring you will finally be able to relax and look forward to broadened horizons.*

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