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Quit SmokingStop Smoking With Hypnotherapy

Stop Smoking With Hypnotherapy in Stoptober

By September 30, 2019No Comments

Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIf this is the first time you have the determination to become a non-smoker, or perhaps have failed in the past, this year’s Stoptober campaign may be the incentive to succeed. This smoking cessation challenge can be the motivation you need, but quitting can be extremely difficult without help.  Help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice, provides a natural and completely medication-free way of giving up for good.*

Jonathan Conway will provide one-to-one support, uncovering the circumstances and subconscious prompts that trigger the need to reach for a cigarette.* Without doubt nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but the chemical addiction is relatively short-lived, with the hand-to-mouth habit being far more difficult to overcome. When this begins during adolescence it can be a form of rebellion against parental control or authority figures. The thrill of doing something that is forbidden, or to feel part of a peer group may become an unhealthy and costly habit which continues for years, becoming a part of the daily routine.

Cigarettes are frequently used as a prop; something to hold in your hand if you feel nervous or socially uncomfortable. One of the most common triggers to lighting up occurs during stressful situations, when adrenalin or anger levels rise and there is an urgent need to calm down. Hypnotherapy focuses on introducing new coping mechanisms, while addressing any negative beliefs or emotional traumas which are buried in the sub-conscious.* Providing you have a personal commitment to quit smoking and the attempt is not due to pressure from friends and family, therapeutic intervention using hypnosis brings a high chance of success.*

Hypnotherapy will assist in reinforcing a more positive attitude, limiting the impulse to smoke during challenging situations. During hypnosis, while the mind is more open to positive suggestion,  Jonathan will guide you through the visualisation and relaxation techniques, showing you how to focus on a healthier smoke-free life.*  With the help of hypnotherapy, this can be the Stoptober when you will finally conquer the smoking habit.*

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