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Control Social Anxiety with Hypnosis in Brighton

By April 30, 2024No Comments

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeSocial anxiety, like many phobic reactions to specific situations and circumstances is complex, and can stem from a combination of factors. Understanding how a social phobia begins requires an understanding of these various influences. Support is available to control social anxiety with hypnosis in Brighton at The Conway Practice, where a holistic approach will enable you to identify the origin and overcome your fear.*

Early childhood experiences remain stored within the subconscious mind and can shape the development of a social phobia. Traumatic events, such as bullying, rejection, or a lack of social support, commonly contributes to the formation of negative beliefs and perceptions about oneself and others. These incidents may continue to foster a sense of vulnerability and fear in social interactions. During hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway, any limiting assumptions can be explored and replaced with positive affirmations, increasing your self-esteem and confidence while engaging with others.*

Also, perceived threats and negative interpretations of social cues, often contribute to heightened anxiety in social situations. These biases can reinforce negative thought patterns, leading to a cycle of increased anxiety and avoidance behaviour. You may for example, believe that you will be judged and scrutinised for what you say or do when you are in an environment outside of your comfort zone. Although you may be able to avoid socialising, this can lead to a feeling of isolation and loneliness. Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis enables the re-framing of any past beliefs with positive visualisation and new coping mechanisms.* Relaxation methods, together with distraction techniques will help you to manage anxiety triggers and to focus on your true worth and value within the group.*

A social phobia can also have a negative impact in your professional life, especially when you are required to give a presentation or attend an interview. Avoidance of these situations can result in missed opportunities and career advancement. Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective intervention to overcome any self-limiting irrational fears when faced with unfamiliar interactions.*

With more than 25 years of experience, Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach.  For an appointment call Jonathan today on 07956 855 027