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Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveYou may have found that lifestyle changes and a disruption to your familiar routine with easier access to food and less opportunity to exercise, has resulted in a weight gain and unhealthy eating. Jonathan Conway provides help to lose weight with online coaching by Zoom or Skype and if preferred, over the telephone.* As an alternative option to attending face-to-face coaching sessions at The Conway Practice, equally effective therapeutic help can be delivered remotely wherever you are located, without the need to travel for appointments.* Many find it more convenient and comfortable to openly discuss their feelings and concerns from a physical distance, with a degree of anonymity.

You may already have found that fad or crash dieting isn’t a solution to achieving sustainable weight management. When exploring your relationship with food, Jonathan will address the subconscious prompts which are controlling your eating habits.* Identifying the psychological reason behind an inability to manage the amount or frequency of food you are consuming, is an important key to finding a resolution.*

Stress is a common contributor to comfort eating, in an attempt to satisfy emotional hunger and responding to these emotional cues can result in habitually overeating, even when you aren’t physically hungry.* Stress is a reaction to demands, threats or challenges which you feel you are unable to easily manage or control.* Life coaching can help to determine your anxiety response triggers, enabling new coping mechanisms to be introduced.*

Boredom and lack of self-motivation are often responsible for mindless eating, when snacking becomes a repetitive hand-to-mouth habit, with a negative affect on emotional health and physical fitness.* Jonathan Conway has 25 years of experience as a NLP Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist and during the one-to-one online coaching for weight loss, you will be guided in calming methods with easy to follow self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques.* The improvement in your mindset will be beneficial to self-care, with the potential to achieve your weight loss target and maintain a healthier lifestyle.*

For more information call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855 027