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Online Skype or Zoom coaching for help with weight-loss

By September 30, 2020No Comments

Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveMaintaining a positive relationship with food during the recent months, while experiencing changes to daily routine and limited access to a more active life, has proved to be a challenge for many. Understanding the deeper issues for treating food as an emotional prop is the key to increasing awareness of any negative behaviour and in regaining control. Jonathan Conway provides online coaching for weight loss by Skype or Zoom and this is also accessible over the telephone.* During these pre-arranged coaching sessions, Jonathan will help you to track your eating habits and explore the subconscious prompts for craving food.*

Stress is often responsible for compulsive eating as a non-conscious reaction to negative emotions, in an attempt to satisfy a need for consolation and comfort. Depending on the level of anxiety, this can result in an habitual reliance on food as a brief relief and distraction from anxious thoughts and difficult situations. However, as with other addictive hand-to-mouth habits, the temporary feelings of reward and well-being are frequently followed by guilt and regret.*

During remote coaching sessions, the underlying cause of your dietary imbalance and psychological connection to food will be identified, enabling new coping mechanisms to be introduced.* Negative self-talk and a poor body-image are often related to compulsive eating and recognising the triggers to these false beliefs is an important step in understanding the link between thoughts, feelings and behaviour.* Distraction techniques can be used to avoid mindless eating due to boredom or behaviour association, allowing you to become consciously aware of what you are consuming and to appreciate the difference between physical and emotional hunger. *

Jonathan Conway has 25 years of professional experience as a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP coach. One-to one confidential life coaching for help to lose weight by Skype, Zoom or telephone provides convenient access to safe therapeutic support, without the need to travel for the appointments.* Self-hypnosis and stress-reducing relaxation techniques introduced during the therapy sessions, can be carried out at ease in your home environment.* Be patient and kind to yourself, with the increased confidence and self-belief that you will finally achieve your weight-loss goal.*

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