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Help to Overcome Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

By August 27, 2021No Comments

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeSocial anxiety is a common phobia and often manifests as an overwhelming need to avoid any situation where you believe you may be judged or scrutinised.  This is generally more severe than just shyness and can result in avoidance of all social interaction in a wide variety of situations, including a fear of speaking or eating in front of others. Help to overcome social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Brighton is available during face-to-face therapeutic intervention sessions at The Conway Practice or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

There is no one-size-fits-all approach and the origin of a social phobia can differ greatly. Hypnosis is a safe and effective holistic therapy which enables the subconscious triggers relating to the past influences to be identified, such as a negative parenting style or experiencing ridicule from peers during childhood and adolescence.* Conscious awareness and recognition of the source is the first step towards understanding how this anxiety can be managed and resolved.*

You may have previously experienced an incident where you felt embarrassed while interacting socially, or you were lost for words during a speech or professional presentation. This may then lead you to believe that this will be repeated in similar situations, causing you to avoid putting yourself in the same position again, however irrational this might be. While you are comfortable and at ease during hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway these fears will be addressed, introducing self-empowering strategies beneficial to restoring self-confidence and self-esteem.*

Social anxiety is not only an emotional disorder, it also frequently presents as physical symptoms of the ‘fight or flight’ response to a perceived danger or threat. This can result in bodily discomfort including feelings of nausea, increased heart rate and dizziness. New coping mechanisms with relaxation and distraction techniques will reduce the stress reaction, putting you back in control.* For those experiencing a social phobia, the recent period of isolation during lock-down has given a respite from having to find an excuse to turn down invitations to spend physical time with others and now being faced with returning to social interaction can be daunting. Hypnotherapy for social anxiety can be liberating, leaving you more confident and able to enjoy socialising effortlessly, without apprehension or fear.*

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