Help for a fear of public speaking with hypnotherapy in Brighton*

Hypnotherapy help you overcome your fear of public speakingWhat causes your anxiety at the thought of talking in front of an audience? Is it an overwhelming concern you will say the wrong thing or that you will forget your words? The number of people you are addressing is irrelevant and even a one-to-one presentation can trigger stress. At the Conway Practice in Brighton your fear of public speaking can be overcome with hypnotherapy, by enabling you to recognise the subconscious prompts which trigger the fight or flight response.

There is a marked difference between excitement and fear. Raised adrenalin can without doubt be positive by motivating you to rise to the challenge, much as an athlete would experience before competing. Fear however, has the opposite affect and can be paralysing, with not only emotional consequences but also manifesting as unpleasant physical symptoms. An increased heart beat, nausea, tremors and sweating are common when faced with speaking in a situation where you are out of your comfort zone. With the help of hypnosis, calming methods can be introduced to reduce your stress levels, ensuring you are firmly back in control.*

A fear of Public Speaking is one of the most reported phobias and often has its origin in previous incidents which have left a negative imprint on the sub-conscious mind. This may be traced back as far as childhood, if early upbringing or education followed the discipline that children should remain silent unless spoken to. Being rebuked for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, can leave a lasting negative impression. Shyness in front of strangers can then develop as a fear of criticism and of being judged when communicating with others, even in social situations.

Being afraid to present your ideas with confidence affects all areas of life, including interviews and business meetings, or social gatherings where you are required to give a speech. Avoiding these results in missed opportunities and professional progression. During sessions in hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to recognise your full potential and self-worth, with the realisation that what you have to say has value and can be delivered with confidence.*

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Explaining how hypnotherapy can help to manage social anxiety*

Hypnotherapy in Harley StreeyIf you are one of the many who have a social phobia, you may believe that this is only connected to socialising. In fact this can have a negative affect on many areas of your life, including within your home life and career. Help to manage social anxiety with hypnotherapy is available in Brighton and Hove at the Conway Practice.*

The first step to managing your anxiety, is to understand how your phobia has developed. During your first hypnotherapy session with Jonathan, he will identify when and where you feel the most anxious and which subconscious triggers are associated with the increased stress level.* You may well relate certain situations to events which have happened in the past and believe that these episodes will continue to be repeated when you find yourself in similar circumstances.

Social anxiety is often linked to feelings of low self-worth with deeply rooted origins influenced while you were growing up. Overprotective or critical parents for example can contribute to a fear of being in unfamiliar surroundings or when meeting people for the first time and you feel out of your comfort zone. The belief that you may say or do the wrong thing and are under scrutiny, is likely to result in the avoidance whenever possible of situations such as giving a speech, eating in front of others, or making ‘small talk’ with strangers.

Avoiding putting yourself in a position which you fear will cause you stress, isn’t always possible. You may be able to avoid social gatherings, even if this damages personal relationships, but this phobia can also limit professional progression with economic consequences, when interviews and presentations become too stressful to face. It’s important to recognise that social anxiety is way beyond shyness when it triggers physical reactions such as feelings of nausea, palpitations, shaking and perspiring.

Hypnotherapy in Brighton will help you to deal with the anxiety response and avoidance behaviour.* Feelings of low self-esteem and inferiority will be addressed and positive assertive skills introduced. Jonathan will also explain how you can release negative emotions and change the anxiety-inducing thought patterns, resulting in a more confident and outgoing attitude, ensuring you can finally live the life you aspire to.

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