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How to lose your fear of public speaking with hypnotherapy

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Hypnosis for Confidence at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIf you have a speech phobia, when confronted with the prospect of speaking to an audience, your mind may go completely blank followed by a state of panic. The fear may be so overwhelming that your breathing becomes shallow with a raised heart rate and a feeling of nausea and that you are close to collapse. Hypnotherapy can help to overcome a fear of public speaking by tracing the source of the sub-conscious thoughts which trigger the ‘flight or fight response’. *

A fear of public speaking is one of the most common phobias and can often be traced back to a deep-rooted belief or an upsetting incident occurring earlier in your life. In the past you may have felt inferior to your peers in the classroom and been reluctant to speak up due to a fear of being ridiculed if you said the wrong thing. Students often avoid classes where they are afraid that they will perform badly if they have to explain their ideas and this can continue through life. This in-built fear of receiving an audience’s negative reaction, can result in the avoidance of any situations where you feel under scrutiny and the focus of attention. Stage fright is a good example of this.

A fear of speaking in public can have a negative impact on your professional life if you are expected to talk at seminars or present to your colleagues and superiors. A speech phobia can also inhibit your performance during an interview, restricting promotion opportunities. This extreme self-consciousness may also be a wider issue when there is a combination of phobias; a fear of public speaking (glossophobia) and social anxiety.  Asking a stranger for directions for example or introducing yourself to a new social group, can trigger the sub-conscious prompts which increase your stress levels.

 Your greatest fear, a negative reaction or rejection, is unlikely to happen. These unfounded fears can be resolved through hypnotherapy, enabling you to introduce new coping-mechanisms, increasing your self-worth and confidence.  Hypnosis is a completely safe therapeutic method and can be likened to a day-dream state. During your hypnotherapy session with Jonathan at the Conway Practice you will be in a deeply relaxed state of mind, while remaining in control throughout.* Using the power of your own imagination, visualisation and relaxation techniques will allow you to approach public speaking calmly and with greater confidence.*

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