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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetHow would you describe your relationship with food and what it represents in your every day life? Managing your eating habits may be an ongoing struggle, resulting in periods of indulgence, followed by feelings of guilt and a brief avoidance of your favourite food choices. This leads to yo-yo dieting, which can continue for years without achieving long-term weight management. With the therapeutic intervention of hypnosis for weight loss in Brighton at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will discuss your goals and explore the beliefs which are responsible for a negative eating pattern by addressing the learned behaviours which have been stored in the non-conscious mind.* This often relates to early environmental influence. If food was given as a reward or consolation following an upsetting incident during childhood, this association can continue into adulthood without any conscious awareness.

Unhealthy eating habits can be triggered by stress, boredom or loneliness. During hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss while your mind is in a state of relaxed focus, the neural pathway is more receptive to positive suggestion.* Emotional, or comfort eating is a reliance on food as a coping method to manage stress and anxiety, which gives transient relief without dealing with the underlying cause. Hypnotherapy approaches any negative issues holistically, enabling you to recognise the origin of your stress response and any self-limiting beliefs, before new coping strategies and calming strategies are introduced.*

Mindless eating due to boredom or loneliness is often associated with certain times of the day when you are not consciously aware of what or how much you are eating. This easily become habitual behaviour, while your mind is distracted and focused on another activity such as watching a movie. Cinemas are well known for selling large bags of sweets and huge cartons of popcorn or ice cream, which are easily consumed while your conscious focus is on the screen in front of you. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to overcome the cycle of mindless snacking and to recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger.* Increased willpower and motivation with an uncluttered mind will allow you to take the first steps towards achieving your goal to manage your weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.*

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