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Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveDo you frequently have all the best intentions to stop smoking but find yourself coming up with excuses for why this isn’t the right time? You may use reasons such as dealing with stress in your personal life or at work, or knowing that you will be socialising with other smokers. This can become a self-sabotaging pattern where your commitment to quitting the habit is short-lived and underlying issues which compel you to smoke remain unaddressed. Help to stop smoking with hypnosis in Harley Street at the Conway Practice provides therapeutic support to get you back on track to become a non-smoker.*

During your hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan Conway will explore your reasons for wanting to stop smoking and help you to identify the subconscious triggers which prompt you to rely on a cigarette as a coping method.* Smoking is commonly used as a form of stress-relief in the belief that it will have a calming effect, even though this is a false security blanket and once the reward effect of the nicotine has worn off, the stress level can be even higher. Contrary to the belief of many, the nicotine withdrawal symptoms are relatively brief compared to conquering the hand-to-mouth habit.

While your mind is calm and relaxed under hypnosis, Jonathan will introduce new coping mechanisms, positive visualisation and relaxation techniques, while replacing any negative self-beliefs and behaviour which have hindered your stop-smoking goal.* You can’t be made to give up smoking if you aren’t ready to quit and pressure from concerned friends or family may only result in you concealing your habit. However, if you are truly committed to becoming a non-smoker, hypnotherapy for smoking cessation can help you to overcome the hurdles and enjoy a healthier nicotine-free lifestyle.*

Hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan can be held by appointment at The Conway Practice in Harley Street, or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone.

To make an appointment call Jonathan on 07956 855 027 today!