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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetTaking control of your eating habits can be challenging and you may have already discovered that crash dieting and fad diet plans aren’t the solution.  Help for weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton is available at The Conway Practice where the first step will be to identify the deeper issues responsible for a dependence on food and the subconscious triggers to the hand-to-mouth habit which prompt you to eat.* Hypnosis is a safe and relaxing therapeutic process which approaches weight management holistically and everything discussed during the hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway is completely confidential.*

Jonathan is a highly professional qualified Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner with over 25 years of experience, providing support for all issues related to weight management.* Hypnosis is a pleasant experience, similar to how you might feel during a daydream and you will remain in control throughout, in same way in which you may find yourself ‘switching off’ during a car journey when you are subconsciously aware how to continue to drive the vehicle and arrive safely at your destination.* This deeply relaxed and receptive state of mind enables positive suggestion to be introduced, over-riding any self-limiting beliefs.*

Recognition of the subconscious triggers to your eating habits during the hypnotherapy sessions, enables these to be addressed and any negative behaviour replaced with new coping methods.*  Feeling isolated has been common during lock-down when freedom to socialise with friends and family or work colleagues has been restricted and is often responsible for compulsive or mindless eating in an attempt to relieve boredom or as a reliance on food for comfort and a coping mechanism for stress management. Jonathan will help you to recognise the difference between physical and emotional hunger and the non-conscious prompts which cause you eat as a solution to lift your mood.*

Family influences early in life are often related to a negative relationship with food during adulthood when this continues to represent reward or punishment. These distant memories of which you may well have no conscious awareness, frequently remain buried within the subconscious mind. If you were conditioned to finish everything on your plate, this learned negative behaviour can result in a tendency to continue eating even when you are no longer hungry. Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Brighton provides the opportunity to change your conditioned response and to appreciate that by introducing calming methods and distraction techniques, a healthy eating routine can be achieved and maintained.*

Hypnotherapy is available by appointment at The Conway Practice in Brighton or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.

To make an appointment call Jonathan today on 07956 855 027