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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetHypnotherapy for weight loss in Harley Street at The Conway Practice can help you to re-evaluate your eating habits and to understand how you can recognise any negativity in your relationship with food.* During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will explore your perception of food and the part it plays in your life.* You may be confused as to why dieting hasn’t achieved the long-term weight management you had hoped for. Diets aren’t the solution as they are controlling and restrictive, generally resulting in a never-ending circle of depriving yourself from eating even when hungry, followed by overindulgence in the forbidden food you’ve been doing your best to avoid. This leads to feelings of guilt and disappointment that you have given in to temptation, leaving you demotivated.

The subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestion during the relaxed state of hypnosis and Jonathan will establish the origin of your controlling connection to food.* Early influences during childhood are often responsible for negative eating patterns later in life, when food represents reward during stressful situations. Appreciating the difference between emotional and physical hunger is a vital step to avoiding the habit of continuing to eat when your body is full.

Mindless eating, where you are consciously unaware of how much you are consuming is related to the hand-to-mouth habit, which can easily become emotionally addictive and lead to weight gain. When your mind is distracted with a different activity, such as watching TV or surfing the internet, your focus won’t be on the amount of food you are eating. You may also find yourself compulsively snacking when you feel anxious and stressed. These habits are significant to how you are feeling on an emotional level and aren’t due to being physically hungry. During hypnosis you will be guided to recognise these subconscious cues*

Help to lose weight with hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to establishing a healthier relationship with food.* New coping mechanisms. calming methods and positive visualisation techniques will provide the therapeutic tools to enable you to restore a healthy eating regime and regain control.*

Hypnotherapy is available with Jonathan in person at The Conway Practice in Harley Street, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.  Call today for an appointment – 07956 855 027