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If you’re asked to justify why you have been unable to quit smoking you may well have convinced yourself that any failed attempts to give up the habit have been due to a nicotine addiction. Although this will no doubt have been a significant factor in the initial days without a cigarette when you are experiencing the physical withdrawal effects, there are likely to be other underlying reasons why you continue to smoke. Help to break the smoking habit with hypnosis in Harley Street is available at the Conway Practice, where Jonathan Conway will engage with you in a safe, holistic therapeutic approach to explore the cues which lead  you to depend on a cigarette to get you through certain situations and at specific times of the day.*

Jonathan will help you to recognise your own personal triggers which are generally relevant to why you first began to smoke and why you have continued to be reliant on the habit.* Experimentation is common during adolescence in a desire to bond with other smokers in your peer group and to feel socially accepted and mature. This frequently continues into adulthood where smoking becomes a part of your daily routine.  Before tobacco advertisements were prohibited, cigarettes were promoted throughout the media as a relaxing social activity and the celebrity endorsements represented glamour and success. Now that this perception has changed, as a smoker you are more likely to find yourself restricted to when and where you can smoke. You will have consciously accepted the environments where smoking is not permitted, such as within the workplace or travelling on public transport, but the subconscious prompts to your hand-to-mouth habit will continue to relate to your every day rituals.

Hypnosis is a relaxing and pleasant state of mind, similar to a daydream where you remain at ease and self-aware throughout the therapeutic session.*  While the mind is relaxed and receptive, distraction techniques can be introduced to manage any compulsive responses.* Jonathan will explore your underlying motivation to smoke and the role that smoking has in your life.* If you are relying on your habit to reduce stress and anxiety, new coping strategies will help you to draw on these to initiate positive and healthier behaviour and routines. Relaxation and calming methods will assist not only in managing the initial withdrawal symptoms when you have a physical craving for nicotine, they will also enable you to cope more effectively during stressful situations.*

If you are fully committed to becoming a non-smoker, help for smoking cessation with hypnotherapy in Harley Street is available at The Conway Practice during face-to-face sessions, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if preferred.*

To make an appointment with Jonathan Conway call today on 07956 855 027