Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeStress can be extremely demotivating, draining personal potential and a sense of purpose. If your normal routine is disrupted, this may well leave you feeling disoriented and anxious. This can be emotionally isolating, especially if the changes to your life are unexpected and not under your control. Jonathan Conway provides coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone to help manage anxiety and to overcome feelings of negativity.

If you have little to occupy your time, over-thinking can result in small tasks becoming more challenging and stressful. This leads to a lack of confidence and self-worth, focusing on regrets rather than how much can be achieved in the future. During remote coaching sessions with Jonathan, you will understand how to consider any mistakes in the past as valuable lessons which can initiate positive change.

Stress and anxiety are self-sabotaging, impacting both emotional and physical well-being. Calming methods and relaxation techniques can be implemented to reduce the ‘flight or fight’ response, typically experienced as bodily reactions to fear such as an increased heart rate and rapid breathing. Although this response has evolved as a survival mechanism, an overreaction to relatively minor issues and stressors can result in a chronic state of anxiety. This often leads to a dependence on alcohol, tobacco or comfort eating in an attempt to lessen the  feelings of stress. Coaching can be extremely effective in not only managing anxiety, but also assisting in breaking unhealthy habits and patterns of negative behaviour.

Life coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone is often preferred to face-to-face sessions as appointments can be arranged at a convenient time, without the need to travel. Time zones permitting, Jonathan is able to provide remote coaching for those calling from anywhere in the world. This gives the opportunity to talk freely from the comfort of a familiar environment.

Communication skills will be enhanced, enabling you to improve your ability to get more support from friends, family and colleagues. The stress response can be countered by various relaxation and breathing techniques, resulting in a calmer and more confident state of mind to achieve personal and professional goals. To find out more call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027

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