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Overcoming Social Anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeAs we begin to return to normality in our daily lives and the restrictions regarding meeting up with friends and family are eased, if you are someone who becomes anxious in the company of others, the thought of re-adjusting socially may be stressful. Help with overcoming social anxiety with Hypnotherapy in Brighton is available by appointment with Jonathan at the Conway Practice or by Zoom, Skype or telephone for those who feel more at ease in their own private space.*

Social anxiety is an extreme fear of talking to anyone while you are outside of your comfort zone and isn’t the same as shyness or awkwardness. The therapeutic intervention with Hypnosis, enables the source of these fears to be identified together with the negative thoughts which trigger the ‘fight or flight’ response.* Social phobias often form in childhood or adolescence, especially when experiencing constant criticism from domineering parents, or negative incidents such as bullying or ridicule by peers. These memories remain stored deeply within the subconscious and are responsible for low self-esteem and the belief that you will be scrutinised and judged whenever you are talking or eating with others in a social setting.

It’s common to feel anxious when meeting new people or attending a social event for the first time, but when the anxiety causes physical discomfort such as sweating, feelings of nausea and an increased heart rate, this becomes self-limiting. Hypnotherapy helps to manage anxiety by re-programming the mind with positive beliefs, replacing the negative messages which have damaged self-confidence.*

The prospect of socialising again after months of isolation may well be frightening and make you anxious that you are facing the unknown. Overcoming social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Brighton can help you to ease slowly back into sociable situations by introducing new coping mechanisms and calming methods.*  Relaxed breathing techniques and empowerment strategies will increase your tolerance to stress, making it easier to re-connect and finally enjoy meeting up with others*

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