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NLP at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveIt’s common to have feelings of anxiety or fear at times and it would be unnatural not to. However, when this has a limiting affect on the enjoyment of daily life and stress is unmanageable this then becomes debilitating and can be harmful to physical health and well-being. Hypnotherapy in Brighton with Jonathan Conway provides help and support, enabling you to manage the problem positively by first identifying the underlying cause.*

 The condition may be psychological, psychosomatic or emotional, possibly tracing all the way back to early childhood. An inability to cope with stressful situations can develop into a dependence for addictive substances such as alcohol or nicotine, which then creates additional stress when attempting to break the habit. Hypnosis is an extremely effective therapeutic practice to help you replace negative behaviour patterns with new coping mechanisms.*

 If a lack of self-confidence or phobic reactions are limiting opportunities in your career, at the Conway Practice in Brighton during hypnotherapy sessions these issues will be addressed.*  Phobic anxiety frequently causes an avoidance of what would be considered as ‘normal’ activities such as public speaking, social engagements, travelling or sitting an exam. These deep-rooted fears can make it extremely difficult for someone to function well in their personal or professional life. Once the root cause of your addiction or fear has been identified and understood, changes can be made to release you from any pattern of negative thoughts or behaviour that have been holding you back.*

 The relaxed state of hypnosis is similar to the experience of a day-dream, where you remain completely in control throughout. The subconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestion during this therapeutic process and this is where everything we’ve experienced in the past is stored and is the source of our emotions. Hypnotherapy will enable you to think and act with greater self-assurance and a positive, stress-free state of mind.*

 Jonathan will take the time to talk through your concerns and to fully understand your precise problem, monitoring your progression throughout the hypnotherapy sessions. Relaxation techniques can be introduced, enabling you to learn how to use self-calming methods to reduce anxiety levels whenever you are faced with a challenging situation.* Hypnosis in Brighton can make a positive and lasting difference to your life.*

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