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Personal Development Coaching at The Conway PracticeManaging anxiety without support can be overwhelming, but with life coaching remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone, help is available without the need to travel. This has the benefits of reducing any additional stress caused by attending an unfamiliar environment for coaching sessions and can take place from any location. Jonathan Conway is a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coach, providing holistic therapeutic support to overcome self-limiting issues which are inhibiting personal development and fulfilment.*

If your familiar routine has been disrupted you may find there is a tendency to dwell on the negative aspects of your current situation and to focus on regrets rather than on future prospects. During periods of stress and anxiety, the internal critical voice can be self-limiting with false beliefs, resulting in low self-esteem and lack of motivation. These core beliefs are generally formed during early childhood conditioning, causing hard self-judgement later in life.

During remote coaching sessions, Jonathan will explore how these misconceptions of your true potential may be triggering toxic behaviour which is self-sabotaging. These negative beliefs may have been influenced by a feeling of inadequacy in comparison to a high-achieving parent or sibling. If these influences have set you on a path which was chosen for you and is no longer relevant, this time can be used as the chance to re-evaluate a future which will bring greater satisfaction.

Stress and anxiety have a debilitating affect on both health and emotional well-being. Coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone provides the opportunity to introduce new coping strategies and relaxation methods, including self-hypnosis techniques which can be carried out from wherever you feel is appropriate.* In learning how to challenge and confront negative thought patterns you will be able to replace these with positive affirmations and improve your quality of life.*  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027