Hypnosis at The Conway PracticeDuring these uncertain times we currently find ourselves experiencing, life can appear to have come to a halt, which can be restricting and stressful. If you need to seek help to manage stress and are unable to travel or prefer not to, this can be arranged at your convenience with remote coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone.* Jonathan Conway is a qualified hypnotherapist and NLP Master Practitioner, with 25 years of experience, providing therapeutic support to cope with life challenges and self-limiting issues.  Help is available to help you manage stress.

Stress has many triggers and there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to resolving this. During remote coaching sessions Jonathan will help you to identify the origin of your anxious response to certain situations and events, then taking you through the steps to overcoming the stressors which are causing the tension.*

Feelings of loneliness are by no means limited to being physically alone. If you are unable to communicate effectively with others and to express your emotions openly, this can leave you emotionally detached and disconnected from those around you and your environment. This lack of engagement may lead to a sense of despondency, prompting anxiety and negative thoughts to surface. Therapeutic intervention with the introduction of calming methods such a self-hypnosis and relaxation routines can be combined with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).*

Influences and events in the past have an affect on how your mind processes moods and emotions in the present, often with no conscious awareness. These can be reflected in your level of self-belief and confidence, often limiting motivation and true potential. Stress can be reduced by understanding how to process your emotions and once the underlying cause of any negative perceptions have been uncovered, soothing coping mechanisms can be introduced with positive affirmations.*

NLP coaching is an effective therapeutic tool for improving your communication skills, both verbally and with a better awareness of your body language.* This will enable you to form a deeper connection with family, friends and colleagues and to strengthen your emotional support network.* Remote coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone will help you to approach life-changes and demands with a positive attitude, building your own resilience to pressure and stress.*  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027