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Life coaching by Skype, Zoom, or telephone to reduce anxiety.

NLP in Brighton & Hove at The Conway PracticeIf you are struggling to deal with anxiety, you may well feel emotionally isolated and unable to seek help from friends or family. Anyone can be affected by stress, especially when confronted with unexpected bumps in life’s journey. Life coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone with Jonathan Conway, creates a safe zone in which to establish a therapeutic partnership from the comfort of familiar surroundings.

 Remote coaching is a very effective way in which to provide support, without the need to travel for the sessions. This is often preferable for those who find it easier to discuss their feelings and concerns from a physical distance, rather than face to face.  Once the source of your anxious state of mind has been determined, the path is open to help you take the steps to a solution. You may feel that circumstances have caused you to lose sight of your future goals and are at a crucial crossroads in your life. Feeling out of control in a situation can be stressful, especially if you are generally the decision-maker in your professional role.

Stressed thinking is often irrational, focusing solely on the problem and not in finding a positive solution. Jonathan will help you to recognise the detrimental behaviours which you need to let go of, replacing negativity with a positive approach and new mindset. Anxiety which is often unfounded, restricts self-development and can be life-limiting, impacting on both physical and mental health. Life coaching is an external resource, encouraging you to look forward with confidence, rather than dwelling on any failures that should be left in the past.

 During the remote coaching sessions, various therapeutic ‘tools’ can be introduced, such as self-hypnosis and other relaxation methods. Applying Neural Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques will enhance your self-awareness and the way in which you can communicate more effectively with others.

You will have a better understanding of your stress response and an improved capacity for change.  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027