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Brighton Hypnosis for Weight-loss and a Healthy Relationship with Food

By November 28, 2023No Comments

Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight lossIf you have found that even with the best intentions, dieting isn’t a long-term resolution for maintaining healthy weight management, you may consider taking a different path  for weight-loss with hypnosis in Brighton, which is available at The Conway Practice.* This holistic, therapeutic approach will explore your relationship with food and how you can re-gain control of your eating habits.* Compulsive eating is often related to emotional factors and requires a conscious awareness of the origin, in order to address its underlying causes and establish sustainable solutions. Understanding and tackling the root causes of compulsive or excessive eating, is essential for promoting continual well-being and breaking the cycle of unhealthy habits.

During hypnotherapy with Jonathan Conway for weight loss, your emotional relationship with food will be considered, enabling you to recognise patterns of behaviour and to identify subconscious triggers that lead to disordered eating.* Hypnosis can be a valuable therapeutic tool to manage stress, anxiety or a low self-esteem, which are all common contributors to a negative attachment to food.*

Recognising the difference between emotional and physical hunger can be a vital step in changing your eating habits, especially where food has been used as a source of comfort. This association can often be traced back to early childhood, when your favourite food was given to soothe any upsets or as a reward for good behaviour. These memories remain stored in the subconscious mind and influence eating habits later in life.

Mindful eating, can also play a significant role in addressing the negative habit of consuming food when your mind is focused on another activity, such as watching the television or scrolling through the internet. It’s common to associate these pastimes with snacking, without any conscious awareness of how much you are eating. Techniques introduced during hypnotherapy will increase your awareness of the present moment, helping you to recognise and manage your emotions without resorting to impulsive, unhealthy eating habits.*

Relaxation methods and new coping mechanisms will help you to reduce stress and anxiety, empowering you to make informed choices, without the reliance on food for emotional support. Hypnotherapy in Brighton for support to lose weight and establish a healthier lifestyle is available with Jonathan at The Conway Practice, or during remote sessions by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

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