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Explaining the Benefits of Hypnotherapy in Brighton for Healthy Weight Management

By October 26, 2023No Comments

Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight lossThe origin of unhealthy eating habits often relate to the intricate relationship between emotions and food, frequently becoming a source of comfort and a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety, anger or even boredom and social isolation. Support to achieve healthy weight management in Brighton is available at The Conway Practice, or during remote sessions with Jonathan Conway by Zoom, Skype or telephone.*

Compulsive eating can often be linked to emotional triggers. Childhood experiences, such as using food as a reward or a means of soothing, may set the stage for developing a habitual reliance on food for emotional regulation. Moreover, societal and cultural influences play a role, with certain foods being associated with pleasure or celebration, creating deep-seated connections between emotions and eating. Although you may have no conscious recollection, therapeutic intervention with hypnosis enables these memories stored in the subconscious mind to be explored and addressed.*

Environmental factors also contribute to the root cause of disordered eating. Accessibility to highly palatable, calorie-dense foods, coupled with busy lifestyles, can lead to mindless or emotional eating as a response to various stimuli. You may for example, associate snacking with watching a movie or while scrolling through your mobile phone, without any awareness of how much you are consuming.

Understanding the difference between emotional and physical hunger is crucial for developing effective strategies. Relaxation routines explained during your hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan can be practised whenever you need to reduce stress and anxiety.* You may already have found that cycles of dieting and over-eating aren’t the solution to healthy weight management. Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach, addressing all aspects relating to your relationship with food.*  Healthier coping methods, positive affirmations and distraction techniques can be introduced, enabling you to develop mindful eating habits and ultimately achieve your weight-loss goal.*

Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach, with more than 25 years of experience.

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