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Quit Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveSmoking is a complex behaviour influenced by various factors, both psychological and physical. While it may initially seem like a choice driven by personal preference or habit, deeper reasons are often responsible for the decision to smoke and continue smoking. Understanding these non-conscious motivations can shed light on the addictive nature of smoking and the challenges faced by those who are trying to quit. Help to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Brighton is available at the Conway Practice, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.* Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis takes a holistic approach by exploring your smoking history and the subconscious triggers responsible for the hand-to-mouth habit which has been difficult to overcome.*

One of the primary emotional reasons for smoking is stress relief. Many smokers report using cigarettes as a coping mechanism to manage stress and anxiety. Nicotine, the addictive substance in cigarettes creates a temporary sense of relaxation and pleasure, briefly improving mood and concentration. This reinforces the association between smoking and stress relief, resulting in a reliance on tobacco products as a means of emotional regulation.

Another contributing factor to smoking is social influence. Smoking often occurs in social settings, and you may have started or continue to smoke to fit in with a particular group or social circle. Peer pressure, the desire for social acceptance, and the need for belonging can all play a role in maintaining smoking habits. During sessions exploring the smoking triggers with hypnotherapy, any negative feelings relating to low self-esteem will be addressed and new coping methods introduced to improve self-worth and confidence.*

Smoking can have become deeply ingrained in your daily routine, forming habitual behaviour. The ritualistic aspects of smoking, such as lighting a cigarette after a meal or during a break, can become deeply associated with certain activities or situations. These associations create powerful triggers that reinforce the smoking habit and make it challenging to quit. While you are deeply relaxed in the state of hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to develop calming strategies and distraction techniques to reduce the physical discomfort of the nicotine withdrawal in the initial days of smoking cessation.*

Support to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Brighton is a safe intervention which is medication-free and without nicotine replacement aids.*

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