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Find Help to Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Brighton

By April 27, 2023No Comments

HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetFood is an essential part of our lives, providing us with the necessary nutrients and energy to function properly. However, food dependence can also have a significant impact on our emotional well-being and in some cases, it can even control our lives. Find help to lose weight with hypnotherapy in Brighton with Jonathan Conway.

Early influences can often shape a relationship with food, subconsciously relating to eating habits during childhood when food was given as a reward or to pacify and in some cases restricted as a punishment. This can lead to a cycle of overeating and crash dieting which is difficult to control. Help to lose weight with hypnotherapy in Brighton at The Conway Practice takes a holistic approach by addressing the underlying reasons for disordered eating.*

Food can also be a source of emotional comfort. You may turn to food when you are feeling stressed, anxious, or sad, using it as a way to cope with negative feelings. While this may provide temporary relief, it can also lead to a pattern of emotional and compulsive eating, where food becomes the go-to coping mechanism.

During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis while your non-conscious mind is receptive to positive affirmations, Jonathan Conway will explore the deeper issues which trigger the hand-to-mouth habit even when you are not physically hungry.* Distraction methods can be introduced to re-direct your focus away from food, together with relaxation and calming techniques to manage stress and anxiety.* Hypnotherapy can also address any negative beliefs which may be limiting your sense of self-worth and confidence.*

Hypnosis for healthy weight management will help you to get back on track and take control of your relationship with food.* With over 25 years of experience, Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach. Hypnotherapy can be arranged for face-to-face sessions with Jonathan at The Conway Practice in Brighton, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if this is preferred.*

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