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Lose Weight at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveWeight gain is reported as a common concern during these unprecedented times, when daily routines are disrupted and freedom to leave the home may be restricted. The Conway Practice provides help to lose weight with coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone, identifying the factors which are contributing to a negative and problematic relationship with food.*

There a various triggers which are responsible for habitual behaviour and during remote coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway, you will have the opportunity to develop more self-awareness and to recognise these subconscious prompts.*

Mindless eating due to boredom is often responsible for the inability to follow a healthy diet and as with any hand to mouth habit this can be difficult to break.

If you are experiencing a more sedentary life with the main focus on food and eating to pass the time, maintaining a healthy weight is likely to be a challenge. Coping strategies can be introduced which will enable you to tune into your physical hunger cues and to appreciate the difference between this and emotional hunger.*

Comfort eating often has its origins in early childhood and to a certain extent depends on how food was provided by the care-givers within the home. Food is frequently given as a reward for good behaviour or to console children when they are upset. Associating food with comfort or reward is a way of satisfying your emotional need to cope with stress or difficult situations and unfortunately the high fat, high sugar content in comfort food generally contributes to an unhealthy eating cycle.

New stress-reducing coping mechanisms and distracting methods can be applied, with positive visualisation and simple self-hypnosis techniques. Jonathan is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner & NLP Coach with 25 years of experience. Effective coaching for weight management can now be provided remotely, saving time and the expense of travel.* These will be one-to-one sessions and many find it easier to talk freely from a familiar environment, while keeping a physical distance.

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