Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Highgate, North London*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you are one of the many serial dieters switching regularly from dieting to a rapid return to bad eating habits, you may have come to appreciate that this isn’t the solution to maintaining a healthy weight. Quick fix or fad diets aren’t sustainable in the long-term and once the target weight has been reached for an upcoming event such as a beach holiday or a social celebration, it’s easy to slip back into old eating habits. Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Highgate at the Conway Practice takes a different approach by enabling you to understand your relationship with food and how the underlying issues can be resolved.*

What can you expect during a session in hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is very similar to a daydream, where you are only vaguely aware of your surroundings but still remain in complete control.* In this relaxed state, while the mind is far more open to positive suggestion and is free of distraction, Jonathan Conway will gently guide you to recall memories of events or influences held deeply in the subconscious which are now negatively impacting on your relationship with food.*

What does food mean to you? Is it a form of comfort or reward, a reminder of childhood and a family environment in which you first learned how much and what to eat and continues to dominate your eating habits? There are likely to be particular prompts for mindless snacking with no conscious awareness of how much is being consumed. Stress can affect preferences for high calorie and sugary food and is often a trigger to overeating.  Once you have entered the state of hypnosis while your mind is more receptive to making beneficial behavioural changes, Jonathan will give verbal suggestions which can be absorbed to improve self-esteem and motivation, reducing stress and anxiety.* Hypnotherapy in Highgate, North London provides a safe solution for losing weight with the long-term benefit of healthy lifestyle changes.*

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Weight Management is Possible With the Help of Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossHave you tried to change your eating habits and not succeeded? Hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight not only for a better body image and but also to improve your health and fitness.* At the Conway Practice, Jonathan Conway will address your relationship with food and identify the triggers to a pattern of overeating or being compelled to eat unhealthy, weight-gaining foods.*

It’s important to recognise when and why the negative relationship with food first began. Is there for instance a compulsion to consume certain foods when you are stressed or anxious which remind you of your formative years when these were associated with comfort or reward? Poor eating habits later in life may well have been a result of enforced rules, such as finishing everything on your plate before being praised with a treat. This then becomes normal behaviour, leading to a pattern of overeating even when there’s no physical hunger. These ingrained habits can be difficult to overcome until they are consciously recognised as a main contributor to sabotaging any attempt at weight control.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by changing your perception of food.*

During hypnosis while you are in a deeply relaxed state of mind, Jonathan will use positive suggestion to resolve any cycle of negative association with your dietary habits.* Once the negative perspective has changed, emotional triggers to overeating can be easily controlled and overcome, without constantly living life on a roller-coaster of unsustainable dieting followed by a rapid return to craving unhealthy weight-gaining foods.

Identifying the root cause of a dysfunctional relationship with food through hypnotherapy will enable you to focus less on eating and more on visualising how you will feel once you have achieved and maintained a healthier lifestyle.* Issues such as stress management or low self-esteem can be resolved during sessions in hypnosis with Jonathan at the Conway Practice, leaving you empowered to reach your goal and not look back.*

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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in 2017*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you’ve been seduced by food over the festive period and are now determined to improve your eating habits, hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight https://www.theconwaypracticehypnotherapy.co.uk/hypnotherapy-can-help-you-lose-weight/and to maintain a healthier lifestyle.* You may well have given yourself permission to overindulge during family meals and party celebrations but are concerned that you will find it difficult to get your weight back under control. If you have tried to lose weight in the past you have probably found that crash diets aren’t the solution in the long term and are only likely to set you on a never ending cycle of unhealthy eating and dieting.

Hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway Practice provide a completely safe and natural way to enable you to address your relationship with food.* While you are in the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis, Jonathan will help you to understand how you can improve your feeling of self-worth and respect for your body.* You may be overweight due to a negative body image and find yourself sabotaging an attempt to introduce a healthier eating regime simply because you don’t feel you are worth the effort. Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome this negative self-talk.*

Jonathan will also identify the triggers to your poor eating habits.* These may be traced back to early childhood, resulting from family attitudes to food and you may now need help in re-programming your subconscious negative eating behaviour which has become automatic over the years. If your problem is comfort eating due to anxiety, hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping you to use relaxation techniques to reduce your stress levels.*

Hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you to achieve your goal to shape a healthy life balance in 2017 and in the years ahead.*   For more information call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425.

Help to Control Your Weight With Hypnotherapy*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossIf you are finding it difficult to control your weight, you first need to understand what is triggering a need to overeat or to be attracted to the wrong foods. Hypnotherapy for weight loss addresses the various reasons why food has become a negative issue in your life, helping you to resolve what may have been a long term struggle to lose weight and to maintain the weight loss.*

If you were to keep a diary you would no doubt find that your poor eating habits follow a distinct pattern. You may eat through boredom when you’re looking for stimulation and when this happens to be provided by food, often of the unhealthy and fattening variety, it may well give you a feeling of self-reward and briefly make you feel better. If you are trying to lose weight however, this lift in spirits is likely to be swiftly followed by a feeling of guilt or regret. Your relationship to food may have been formed very early in life and much depends on the eating habits within the family home. You might find that you now eat for comfort to satisfy your emotional hunger when you’re not actually physically hungry.

Dieting is often something of a roller coaster ride with highs rapidly followed by lows, leaving you disheartened when you’ve failed to achieve the weight loss you had hoped for. If you have low self-esteem you may become easily discouraged and feel that if you don’t like yourself, others will also think less of you despite their reassurances. Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be extremely effective by helping you to recognise how misguided you are in assessing your worth.* Do you overeat due to loneliness or when you are stressed and anxious? While you are in a relaxed stated of hypnosis, you will be able to bring your true feelings to the surface that may have remained deeply buried over a long period of time.*

During hypnotherapy sessions at the Conway practice, Jonathan will take the time to talk to you about any personal issues that may be inhibiting your attempts to manage your weight.* You will be able to look at food differently and have a far more positive and healthy approach to your eating habits, putting you back in control both physically and emotionally.*

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Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Highgate*

The Conway Practice - Hypnotherapy for weight lossThere are often certain times of the year which trigger a desire to lose weight and to get fit. Apart from the New Year resolutions, Summer days often motivate people into losing the extra kilos that may have been added during the colder months when it’s easier to disguise your body shape under layers of Winter clothing. Losing weight generally proves more difficult than putting it on and fad or crash dieting is rarely the solution.* Hypnotherapy in Highgate at the Conway Practice provides a safe and completely natural way to get your weight back under control.*

Jonathan Conway will discuss the reasons why you want to lose weight and what your personal goal is. You may be focusing on a Summer wedding or a holiday in the sun, or you may simply feel the need to be slimmer and fitter with a healthier lifestyle. During hypnosis Jonathan will help you to understand what causes you to overeat or why you are attracted to the wrong foods which contribute to weight gain.* Do you find that you eat when you are anxious during periods of stress? Comfort eating generally only brings a brief lift of mood, before guilt sets in and a negative relationship with food is established.*

Hypnotherapy in Highgate will help you to manage stress in your life through positive visualisation and relaxation methods.* You may relate to being fed with treats as a child when you were upset and subconsciously food is what you turn to now to make yourself feel better.* Emotional hunger can’t be satisfied with food and Jonathan will coach you in how to handle your cravings by recognising the triggers that may have sabotaged attempts to lose weight in the past.* Perhaps you find yourself eating through boredom and turn to food at certain times of the day without consciously being aware of why you do that.

Sessions with Jonathan at the Conway Practice in Highgate will address the deeper issues of your weight management and help you to increase your willpower to succeed in your weight loss with hypnotherapy, improve your self-esteem and know that everything is achievable if you believe in yourself and what you can accomplish.*

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The Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss*

The Conway Practice 0- Hypnotherapy for weight lossImagine how you would feel if you could manage your weight without being a slave to dieting. At the Conway Practice, hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you to understand your reasons for overeating or why you feel compelled to eat the wrong foods.* You may be confused about why you are driven to eat more when you are anxious, lonely or bored. If you are stressed about your size, this may simply cause you to turn to food for comfort, followed by guilt and more stress leaving you in a negative cycle that is difficult to escape from.

Food has a very strong emotional connection and can be a means of showing love. This emotional link will have started from birth with nurturing from parents and your nostalgic recall of your early relationship with food will still be buried deep in the sub-conscious, either positively or negatively.* If someone close to you is a feeder, they will want to show they care by providing food often in abundance, which is difficult to refuse in fear of rejecting their feelings. Sharing food with friends and family is a form of camaraderie and of social bonding and could be called people-pleasing.

You may find that you blame others for your overeating instead of accepting personal responsibility. During hypnotherapy and NLP coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway, your desire to make other people feel comfortable even at your own expense will be discussed.* You will be able to recognise the reasons why you put the needs of others before your own, knowing that you will regret it later.* 

Emotional eating for comfort or to alleviate stress may briefly lift your spirits, but it’s essential that the deeper issues triggering these self-destructive compulsions are addressed.* Losing weight with hypnotherapy can help you to take conscious control over your eating habits and prepare you for a lifetime of well-balanced, healthy eating and weight management.*   

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Helping You Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy in Highgate*

lose-weightSummer is often the time of the year that prompts an incentive to lose weight, either for holidays or simply because it’s not so easy to cover up under layers of clothing. It’s also common to want to be more active in the sunshine. Struggling to shed the kilos can control your life, leaving you on a constant yo-yo cycle of overeating and dieting, achieving little or nothing despite your efforts.

Weight loss help with hypnotherapy in Highgate will put you back in control again, allowing you to focus on the cause instead of the symptoms*.

It’s ironic that what we call ‘comfort eating’, rarely gives a feeling of contentment for more than a short while before the guilt of overeating and a concern about weight gain sets in. Sugar addiction with its highs and lows, not only increases weight, it’s also a serious health issue, as are foods with a high fat content.

Losing weight and maintaining that weight loss isn’t simply about looking better; it’s also crucial to a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

 The stress of being overweight can be overwhelming, but help through hypnotherapy at the Conway Practice will not only relieve the anxiety, but it will also isolate the reason for your ‘difficult’ relationship with food*.

Hypnosis is relaxing, completely safe and medication-free. It has been shown to have excellent results in maintaining long-term weight loss*.

Jonathan Conway will help you to set goals and to visualise how much better you will look and feel once you have reached your target weight*. He will take you through the negative eating behaviour you have learned over the years and show you how to develop a positive attitude towards the part food plays in your life*.

Once you are able to adopt a new way of thinking about food, your subconscious mind will no longer need the emotional crutch that may well be the root cause of your overeating*.

With hypnotherapy, your self esteem will also increase, giving you the confidence to enjoy life as you choose*.

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Do You Need Help To Lose Weight In Highgate?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss.If your inability to maintain a balanced diet is affecting your self-confidence and self-esteem, now may well be the time to seek help to lose weight in Highgate at the Conway Practice. Are you tired of going around in circles, following trendy diets and then returning to old eating habits, putting the weight back on again?

Losing weight and maintaining that loss isn’t actually as difficult as you may believe. Everything you need to succeed is within you. Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to build healthy habits, easily and naturally*.

During the sessions, Jonathan will show you how to develop a positive self-image, re-educating your subconscious mind*. Your eating habits may be out of control, damaging your health and affecting your lifestyle.

Your problem may not be simply overeating and conditions such as anorexia   or bulimia may be involved. 

It’s common for food to become a form of emotional comfort during periods of stress and anxiety, resulting in a struggle to find the willpower to lose weight or get your eating habits under control. You may not realise that food isn’t the problem, the root cause can be your emotional attachment to eating and this is what needs to change.

Depression and high stress levels often trigger a need for what we call ‘comfort eating’. Perhaps you were rewarded as a child with food or special treats such as cakes or sweets when you had behaved well for your parents or carers, or to make you feel better if you were upset.

Food can be one of the most powerful forms of control, even from birth.

 Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to strengthen your willpower and increase your motivation to succeed in losing weight or improve your eating pattern and maintain this in the long term*.

A diet won’t change your attitude to food or a negative state of mind about how you feed your body. Under hypnosis the hidden cause of your bad eating habits can be identified*.

Jonathan Conway at The Conway Practice can help you to focus on a much healthier and happier lifestyle, creating a positive and lasting change*

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to get your eating habits under control or lose weight in Highgate, contact Jonathan at the Conway Practice or please leave a comment below.

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