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HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetLock-down living has resulted in many finding it difficult to control their eating habits, when food is constantly on hand without the normal routines generally in place during the day outside of the home. This has frequently led to weight gain due to compulsive or mindless eating, often prompted by boredom or anxiety. Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight management is available at the Conway Practice where help is available to re-gain control over your food consumption by first identifying the stressors to enable positive coping mechanisms to be introduced.*

Hypnosis is a safe and effective therapeutic process for weight loss, with a holistic approach to resolving any negative behaviour which may have developed over time without any conscious awareness.* Your relationship with food may have originated from family and environmental influences during early childhood causing a response to subconscious cues, shaping dietary habits later in life. If specific foods were given as a reward or as a form of comfort, this association can result in this becoming your go-to solution to reduce anxiety and stress. This mood enhancer however is transient and is often followed by feelings of remorse and low self-esteem.

During the sessions in hypnotherapy for weight loss, Jonathan will explore the triggers related to your eating habits and will help you to recognise the difference between emotional and physical hunger.* A pre-occupation with eating and weight control is generally about far more than food and is often associated to feelings of inadequacy and an overwhelming desire to avoid negative feelings.

Self-sabotage is common if you have an inner belief that you don’t deserve to lose weight and fad or yo-yo dieting is a good example of this. Each time you fail you may well find that your self-worth plummets with psychological consequences.

Hypnotherapy opens the pathway to implementing new coping methods for reducing stress, with relaxation and positive visualisation techniques.* Hypnosis for weight loss in Brighton is also available in one-to-one therapeutic sessions with Jonathan Conway by Skype, Zoom or telephone.*

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