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Introducing Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove

By December 5, 2019No Comments

Hypnosis at The Conway PracticeYou may have heard of how hypnosis can be of benefit with life issues which are difficult to resolve on your own and are interested in knowing more about hypnotherapy in Brighton at the Conway Practice. Hypnosis is a safe and natural. therapeutic process enabling many psychological and emotional disorders to be addressed without the use of medication.* In fact, hypnotherapy can be the most effective method for initiating positive life changes.*

Contrary to the opinion of many, during hypnosis although you will feel extremely relaxed, you won’t fall asleep and will remain completely in control throughout the session with Jonathan.* Your awareness will be actually be heightened, leaving you more receptive to positive suggestion.* This trance-like state of mind is similar to when you ‘switch off’ during a plane or train journey and find yourself daydreaming until you reach your destination. You remain aware of everything going on around you, without being focused on your surroundings.

Hypnotherapy services in Brighton and Hove can help you to improve areas of your life where you feel you are being held back by the inability to change the way you cope with certain situations, for example in your personal life, career and education or simply how you approach your everyday routine.* You may have the mistaken perception that old habits and beliefs are impossible to change, for example, phobias, diet, smoking, or other forms of addictive behaviour. During sessions using hypnosis, any negative thought processes which may have been established over time can be unlearned and transformed into positive affirmations.* Jonathan Conway will help you to discover how you can re-take control of your life by releasing any blocks or past traumas that have been holding you back from achieving your full potential.*

New coping strategies with the introduction of relaxation techniques, calming methods and positive visualisation during hypnotherapy will increase your confidence and self-belief, improving your communication skills and opening up a new world of opportunities.*

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