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Managing a Fear of Flying with Hypnosis in Brighton

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeIf you are among the many who experience severe anxiety when faced with boarding an aeroplane, help is available to manage a fear of flying with hypnosis in Brighton at The Conway Practice.* This is a common phobia which often relates to stored memories of a negative experience during a previous flight, or the impact of movies and media reports which feature air accidents and influence your perception of flying. There are however many facets to aerophobia and the anxiety may be linked to a fear of heights, enclosed spaces, a social phobia or a fear of not being in control.

During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan Conway will explore the origins of your anxiety and the triggers which cause you physical and psychological stress.* Anxiety inducing thoughts can begin well before you arrive at the airport with the anticipation of being in an unfamiliar environment and the concern about following all the necessary pre-boarding procedures. The introduction of Covid screening and safe-distancing has been another factor contributing to travel stress. A fear of losing control is prevalent in those who need a way out of a situation if their anxiety is heightened and the knowledge that they won’t have that option during the flight can be overwhelming. Passengers are also aware that they are putting their trust in the skills of someone flying the aircraft that they have never met.

Social anxiety can be triggered at the thought of sitting next to strangers and allowing them to see your physical and emotional discomfort. These self-defeating thoughts can be addressed with hypnosis and replaced with affirmations of positivity.* Help to overcome a fear of flying with hypnotherapy can prevent negative thoughts developing into negative behaviour.* The introduction of relaxation techniques and new coping mechanisms have the potential to reduce the phobic reactions and anxiety level before and during the flight.* These calming methods can also be applied to overcome anticipatory anxiety in other areas of your life, opening up new opportunities with a newly established sense of self-confidence.*

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