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Stop Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveBreaking a habit can be challenging and with the physical addiction to nicotine, quitting smoking is especially problematic. Despite good intentions, it’s common to fall at the first hurdle if you are attempting to quit on your own.  Support to stop smoking with hypnotherapy and NLP in Brighton is available at The Conway Practice.* Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach with over 25 years of experience and neuro linguistic programming (NLP) can be even more effective when combined with the therapeutic intervention of hypnosis.*

Both hypnotherapy and NLP can be applied to manage emotional and physical dependence on smoking which has been used as a mainstay in difficult situations or during periods of stress.* The relief experienced when smoking a cigarette is transient and does nothing to address the underlying issues. Therapeutic sessions with Jonathan to stop smoking with hypnotherapy and NLP in Brighton can help you to make positive life changes by exploring the subconscious triggers which prompt you to smoke at certain times of the day and in specific circumstances which are associated with your habit.*

Although nicotine is without doubt a highly addictive substance, the key to quitting is in overcoming the hand-to-mouth habit of which you may not be consciously aware.* Distraction techniques can be applied together with an increase in self-awareness and the re-wiring of your thought processes.* The introduction of a negative anchor relating to adverse incidents while smoking such as the unpleasant smell of tobacco smoke, or feeling compelled to light a cigarette outside even in uncomfortable conditions, will eliminate pleasant associations to the habit.*

Hypnotherapy is a pleasant experience, similar to a day-dream state of mind where you remain relaxed and in control throughout the sessions.* New coping methods and calming techniques can be introduced, enabling you to reduce stress levels and to visualise a smoke-free, healthier life style once you no longer feel the need to smoke.* Stop smoking support in Brighton can be provided during one-to-one sessions with Jonathan at The Conway Practice or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if preferred.

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