Hypnotherapy in BrightonStress-related conditions are becoming more common due to the pressures of a fast pace of life with high demands. When anxiety becomes difficult to manage the most severe form of stress can be experienced as a panic attack, when the ‘fight or flight’ response to fear is triggered.* Help to introduce new coping mechanisms is available with hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice. Jonathan Conway has a wealth of experience in stress management and other life challenges, applying hypnosis as a safe therapeutic intervention.*

Feelings of anxiety and stress are often a matter of ‘what if’, worrying about the worst that could happen and anticipating a negative outcome.* Phobic reactions such as a fear of flying for example, can start to form well before the day of travel. This might result in an avoidance of situations that trigger your anxiety, which can ultimately limit performance and growth both personally and professionally.* The subconscious mind is your ‘inner voice’, convincing you that a negative experience awaits you or will reoccur.* Fearing failure often relates to critical influences early in life and from childhood experiences of which you may have no conscious awareness.*

During the hypnosis sessions in Brighton with Jonathan Conway will explore where you would like to make positive changes in your life.* This may feel like an enormous challenge, but hypnotherapy can help you erase any limiting beliefs you have held regarding your self-worth and how you believe others see you.* Alcohol dependence or an inability to stop other addictive habits such as smoking, can be a used as a way of distancing yourself from stressors, with negative consequences on relationships and well-being.*  Hypnotherapy is an effective method used to change inhibiting thought patterns, releasing your true potential to fulfill your future aspirations.*

Hypnosis is a relaxing experience, similar to a pleasant day-dream and you will remain in complete control throughout the sessions.* For those who are unable to travel for hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice, Jonathan also provides the convenience of confidential remote coaching through Skype, Zoom or telephone.*

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