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Hypnosis at The Conway PracticeIf like many, there have been changes to your normal routine, perhaps with the division between personal and work boundaries at home becoming blurred, you may well have found that with easy and instant access to food, eating has become your coping mechanism, leading to weight gain. Help to lose weight remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone is available with life coaching from Jonathan Conway, providing one-to-one confidential and non-judgemental support.*

Body-positivity means being content with your size and physique with the understanding that how your physical body measures up, doesn’t define your self-worth.* However, when stress becomes part of every day life, food can easily become a form of comfort, resulting in compulsive eating as an attempt to briefly reduce anxiety levels and satisfy emotional hunger. The void caused by social isolation and limited freedom, often triggers mindless snacking to pass the time and alleviate boredom or loneliness. Identifying the subconscious cues which prompt the hand-to-mouth habit is a valuable step towards understanding and improving your relationship with food.*

You may already have discovered that fad or crash dieting isn’t effective in the long-term and may result in periods of overeating which spiral out of control, followed by feelings of guilt and depriving yourself of food. Weight loss coaching can help you to build on your inner resources and to recognise the difference between actual hunger and the emotional need to eat.*

During the remote coaching sessions, you will have the benefit of Jonathan’s 25 years of experience as a qualified Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.* Weight loss coaching remotely is often preferred to face-to-face sessions, as many find it easier to be openly discuss their feelings and concerns from a physical distance in their home environment. Guidance in simple self-hypnosis techniques and relaxation methods will provide a therapeutic and holistic approach to reduce anxiety and improve self-worth.* A healthy relationship with food can be established, with mindful and intuitive eating contributing to effective weight management.*

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