NLP at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveStress and anxiety generally manifest as a change in your normal behaviour and although this may be evident to others, it can be difficult to open up about your feelings, even with those you are close to. An anxious state of mind often triggers the anger response, creating more anxiety with a negative impact on both physical and emotional health. Life coaching by Skype, Zoom or telephone to reduce stress, provides convenient access to holistic and non-judgemental help while you are at ease in familiar surroundings, without the need to travel.*

Jonathan Conway is a qualified hypnotherapist and a Master NLP Practitioner, with  25 years of experience in providing therapeutic support for stress-related issues.*  During remote coaching sessions with Jonathan he will explore how your anxiety is affecting your life and your reaction to stressful situations.* You may for instance have a habitually negative attitude to change and in understanding the factors that contribute to this can be the first step towards effective, long-term stress management.*

A perception of your ability to confront challenges might be based on a sense of low self-esteem which has formed from experiences and conditioning over time, perhaps even from early childhood. These habitual patterns of negative thought contribute to a difficulty in managing change and stressful events, which others may find insignificant. Stress can make you brood on past failures, instead of focusing on your inner strengths, future goals and the potential for improvement.

Introducing new coping mechanisms and relaxation techniques, such as self-hypnosis and breathing exercises, can be extremely beneficial in not only calming the mind but also to help build a natural resistance to stressors and the inevitable challenges. Life coaching provides the self-care strategies specific to your needs, enabling you to create a plan for positive change and personal development, with a calmer state of mind.*

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