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Understanding Social Anxiety Triggers with Hypnosis in Harley Street

By February 27, 2024No Comments

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeA social phobia, also known as a social anxiety disorder, is a condition characterised by an overwhelming and irrational fear of interacting with others. While shyness is a common personality trait that many people experience to varying degrees, the phobic reaction takes this to a more intense and debilitating level.  Support to overcome social anxiety with hypnotherapy in Harley Street is available at The Conway Practice, where the origins of your heightened agitation can be explored.* Recognising the subconscious triggers to the extreme ‘fight or flight’ response related to your fear, opens up the path to manage these cues and to engage with others calmly and confidently.*

Shyness is a natural tendency for some individuals, often manifesting as a temporary discomfort or apprehension in social settings. It may arise from a lack of confidence or a fear of judgment, but it generally does not significantly impair one’s ability to function in everyday social situations. Shy individuals may feel anxious or uneasy in certain social scenarios, but they can usually navigate them with time and practice.

In contrast, a social phobia is a clinical anxiety disorder that goes beyond mere shyness. Those with a social phobia experience an intense and persistent fear of social interaction, leading to avoidance behaviours that can severely impact their daily lives. The fear associated with the anxious state of mind is disproportionate to the actual threat posed, and it can be paralysing in its intensity.

This feeling of extreme anxiety often involves a deep-seated fear of negative evaluation or judgment from others, which goes beyond the discomfort associated with shyness. You may find that you go to great lengths to avoid situations where you feel out of your comfort zone, leading to isolation and loneliness. The physical symptoms, such as sweating, trembling, and palpitations, can be alarming and increase the stress response.

Additionally, this intense anxiety tends to interfere with various aspects of life, including work, relationships, and personal or professional development. Without the right support, it can contribute to a diminished quality of life. During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis in Harley Street for social anxiety with Jonathan Conway, any negative beliefs regarding low self-esteem can be addressed and replaced with positive affirmations.* Calming methods and relaxation techniques, together with the introduction of new coping mechanisms, will help you to manage stress.* Overcoming your fears provides the potential to open up new opportunities for personal growth.*

Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach, with more than 25 years of experience. Hypnosis sessions can be carried out at The Conway Practice in Harley Street, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if preferred.*

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