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Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove

By February 17, 2021No Comments

HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetWould you like to be able to identify the subconscious prompts which are the cause of a negative relationship with food? Weight loss with hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to gain more control over your eating habits and to overcome the triggers which have been limiting your attempts to lose weight.*

During coaching sessions with Jonathan Conway, either face to face or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone, the safe therapeutic intervention with hypnosis can be applied and any negative behaviour identified and addressed.* Hypnotherapy enables access to the neural pathway when the relaxed mind is more open to positive suggestion and can be compared with the pleasant feelings experienced during a day-dream, while you remain completely in control throughout the session.*

There are varying reasons for a psychological reliance on food, including comfort eating due to stress, mindless snacking triggered by boredom, or low self esteem where you believe you don’t deserve to improve your body image.* This habitual behaviour can often be traced to childhood influences, relating to the eating habits within the family home where food may have been perceived as a reward for good behaviour or withheld as a form of discipline.* These memories remain stored within the subconscious, impacting on your relationship with food during adulthood.*

If you find yourself turning to food to relieve an anxious state of mind, hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help with weight loss by introducing new coping mechanisms and stress-relieving techniques.* Positive visualisation will enable you to focus on the benefits of a healthier and more active life-style once you have achieved your target weight.* You may have already found that fad diets or yo-yo dieting are rarely effective and old eating habits soon return without addressing the underlying cause of your emotional dependence on food.*

Distraction methods can be applied during the hypnotherapy sessions to manage any compulsion to eat mindlessly in certain situations, such as watching television or simply as a way of passing the time due to boredom. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to reach your goal and to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship with food.*  For more information or to book an appointment call Jonathan Conway on 07956 855027