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Be Motivated to Lose Weight for Summer with Hypnotherapy

By March 29, 2016April 29th, 2019No Comments

Be Motivated to Lose Weight for Summer with Hypnotherapy

lose-weightThe arrival of Spring often brings a determination to get fit and trim down ready for the Summer holidays. It also may also prompt the realisation that it won’t be as easy to cover up the extra inches that have been disguised under layers of thicker clothing. As with the good intentions of New Year resolutions this can be an excellent time to seek help to lose weight with hypnotherapy.*

Rest assured that you can’t be made to do something against your will while under hypnosis and if you truly want to succeed, with increased self-motivation, positive changes can be made and maintained.* Hypnotherapy is completely natural and you will be relaxed and in complete control throughout the sessions at the Conway Practice. Jonathan Conway will talk through your reasons for wanting to be slimmer. Perhaps this is for health reasons and you may have been advised by medical practitioners to lose weight before an operation. This can be difficult to achieve without support, especially if there is added pressure to reach a target within a specific time period.

You might of course simply want to look trimmer and feel more confident. Diets may have been tried and proven to be a failure, or only have made a difference in the short-term. During hypnosis your relationship with food will be addressed. Hypnotherapy for weight loss gives the opportunity to focus on what triggers the need to eat too much of the wrong foods.* Some people overeat for comfort during times of stress, or others for pleasure eating as a form of self-reward, but rarely due to hunger. Perhaps food wasn’t always plentiful during childhood and the subconscious stores the distant memory of looking forward to rare treats. When you feel down, these treats which are generally high sugar and high fat, briefly lift your spirits, but then are likely to leave you with a feeling of guilt for over-indulging.

In order to give to back the control over food, rather than food controlling you, during hypnotherapy sessions Jonathan will help you to deal with any stress and anxiety that may be the cause of your negative eating patterns, increasing your confidence to achieve your desired weight.*

For more information about how hypnotherapy can help with weight loss call Jonathan Conway today on 01273 540425