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Hypnotherapy in Harley Street to Stop Smoking at The Conway PracticeIf you are a long-term smoker, this may well be a habit which has become an integral part of your daily routine and associated with a feeling of comfort or reward. This oral fixation of the hand-to-mouth action can be even more challenging to overcome than the physical addiction to nicotine. During therapeutic sessions at the Conway Practice for help to break the smoking habit with hypnosis in Brighton, your habit will be addressed holistically by exploring the origin and the subconscious prompts responsible for your habit.*

Smoking is frequently a response to stress and the go-to coping method to reduce anxiety or anger. Identifying any underlying conflict related to your compulsion to smoke will be a valuable step towards finally quitting, even if you have tried and failed in past attempts. You can’t be compelled to do something against your will while you are under hypnosis and to become a non-smoker with the support of hypnotherapy this has to be something you are fully committed to and not simply due to pressure from family and friends.* As a smoker, you will no doubt already be aware of the health risks and financial implications, but quitting requires self-motivation and the determination to stop smoking.

While you are deeply relaxed and in an altered state of awareness, guided hypnosis enables the acceptance of positive suggestion and the recognition of any repressed memories.* This can assist in re-framing any negative behaviour and beliefs by introducing new coping mechanisms and distraction methods.* Habitual behaviour which is self-limiting and detrimental to your well-being will be addressed, resulting in beneficial change and personal growth.* Techniques to instigate the body’s relaxation response to stress can effectively reduce anxiety and frustration, eliminating the dependence on smoking for transient relief.

Jonathan Conway offers face-to-face hypnotherapy sessions for smoking cessation at The Conway Practice in Brighton and also remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if you find this more convenient.*

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