How to be free of your social phobia with hypnotherapy

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How to be free of your social phobia with hypnotherapy*

Phobias range from mild discomfort to feelings of extreme discomfort. Some phobic triggers are easier to avoid than others, while others can have a limiting affect on enjoyment of everyday activities. If you find yourself organising your life in an attempt to avoid the cause of your phobia, at the Conway Practice hypnotherapy can help with a social phobia, restoring your ability to interact with others without anxiety and fear.*

When someone appears aloof and anti-social, it’s common to assume that this isolation is a personal choice. Despite the desire to socialise with others, the fear of public humiliation if you say or do the wrong thing, can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling you will be seen as an outsider and unaccepted by the group. Intense emotional distress simply at the thought of being the centre of attention and having others judge you, may be an irrational fear but the reaction is nevertheless real and frequently results in physical discomfort such as sweating, nausea, increased heart rate and panic attacks.

There may well have been incidents in the past where you have been criticised by parents or in other relationships, resulting in a lasting negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem. You may now do everything possible to avoid situations where you will be watched, including eating in public, giving a speech or presentation and joining in with conversations. Social anxiety is more common than you may think and affects many, to a lesser or greater extent. Hypnosis is a therapeutic method which is used to identify the basis of your phobia, introducing new coping mechanisms to overcome your fear.*

During hypnotherapy to help overcome social phobia, the origin of your subconscious prompts when faced with a stressful environment can be recognised and addressed.* These misconceptions  and excessive self-consciousness which have resulted in avoidance behaviour will be seen in a new and more positive perspective. Relaxation and calming techniques will improve your quality of life, with socialising becoming a pleasure rather than a test of endurance.*   Call 07956 855 027 today to speak with Jonathan Conway

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