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Quit Smoking at The Conway Practice, Brighton & HoveAlthough you may be well aware of all the reasons to beat the smoking habit, such as health, cost and well-being, smokers commonly also come up with excuses for why this is never the right time to stop. This could be due to stress in your personal or professional life, or the belief that you will miss bonding socially with fellow smokers. Hypnotherapy in Brighton for support to stop smoking is available at The Conway Practice or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone if sessions from the comfort of your own home are preferred.*

Therapeutic intervention with hypnotherapy in Brighton is solution-focused, exploring the subconscious triggers responsible for the smoking dependence and the habitual hand-to-mouth action. The impulse to smoke a cigarette is not purely due to the nicotine addiction and the physical discomfort of the withdrawal symptoms is relatively short-lived compared to the familiarity of smoking. You are likely to associate the habit with specific times of the day and activities, while accepting that you will have to abstain where smoking is prohibited on public transport, in the workplace and communal indoor spaces. Even on a long distance journey you will manage without a cigarette and hypnotherapy can help to quit smoking by adjusting your mind-set with the introduction of new coping methods to manage the emotional urge to smoke.*

However, as you can’t be forced to do anything against your will during a hypnotic state of mind, the determination to stop smoking must come from your own motivation and not due to outside pressure from friends or family.* Identifying the reasons you first began to smoke and why this has continued, enables these to be addressed and managed with hypnotherapy while your non-conscious mind is more responsive to positive resolutions.* Smoking dependence is frequently found to be stress-related and used as a short-lived coping mechanism. During the hypnotherapy sessions, Jonathan Conway will help you to   replace any negative beliefs with positive affirmations, calming methods and distraction techniques, enabling you to achieve your goal to finally become a non-smoker.  Call Jonathan Conway today on 07956 855 027