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Hypnotherapy in Brighton for Healthy Weight Management

By November 24, 2022No Comments

HYpnotherapy in Harley StreetOur relationship with food commonly originates from early influences during childhood,  when special treats are given as a reward for good behaviour or a consolation for disappointment or distress. Food can also be used as a form of punishment, by disallowing dessert for example if the child hasn’t cleared their first plate of the meal. These associations can remain stored within the subconscious, leading to unhealthy eating habits during adulthood with emotional links. Hypnotherapy in Brighton for healthy weight management is available in confidential sessions with Jonathan at The Conway Practice or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone if preferred.*

A negative association with food is often responsible for various issues relating to disordered eating resulting in a constant struggle to avoid gaining weight. During therapeutic intervention with hypnosis, Jonathan will explore the non-conscious prompts which are significant to any dependence on food to relieve stress and anxiety.* Hypnotherapy for weight loss takes a holistic approach, avoiding crash or yo-yo dieting and helping you to appreciate the difference between emotional and physical hunger.* You may have relied on food as a coping mechanism, with unhealthy eating triggered by certain moods. This is frequently evident in compulsive eating or mindless snacking due to a limited sense of self-control and mindfulness. The hand-to-mouth action can be addictive, without any conscious awareness of its existence and leads to overeating even when you are full.

You have probably already found that restrictive dieting isn’t sustainable or effective in the long-term, generally resulting in disappointment and further weight-gain once you return to your familiar eating routine. While you are deeply relaxed during hypnosis, new coping methods and calming techniques can be applied and any negative self-beliefs will be addressed.* Weight loss with Hypnotherapy in Brighton provides the opportunity to achieve your goal with increased motivation and a greater sense of self-worth.*

Jonathan Conway has more than 25 years of experience as a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach.

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