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Hypnotherapy in Brighton to Stop Smoking at The Conway PracticeSmoking commonly begins during adolescence and can often evolve into a lifelong habit, with various factors contributing to the interdependency.  Support to stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Brighton at The Conway Practice will explore your emotional connection holistically, enabling you to recognise the underlying reasons which are responsible for your relationship with smoking, beyond nicotine addiction*

The teenage years are a critical period of development when individuals are more susceptible to external influences and peer pressure. Social acceptance and the desire to fit in with a certain group can drive adolescents to experiment with smoking, viewing it as a way to establish their identity and independence. As a long-term smoker, you may believe that the physical addiction to nicotine is too overwhelming, especially if you have failed attempts to quit the habit, resulting in the misconception that all future endeavours with end in defeat. The pleasure, and although brief stress-relief associated with smoking can create a psychological dependency, making it challenging to quit without help, even if you wish to do so. The brain’s reward system becomes wired to associate smoking with positive feelings, reinforcing the habit over time.

Parental influence also plays a pivotal role in shaping a young person’s attitude toward smoking. If parents or close family members smoke, adolescents are more likely to perceive smoking as a normal behaviour. The belief that they can quit at any time may contribute to the initiation of smoking, unknowingly setting the stage for a lifetime habit.

Before cigarette advertising was banned in the UK, media agencies claimed that tobacco had medicinal and health benefits, depicting the products as sophisticated and appealing. One notable tobacco company promoted their cigarettes as a solution for loneliness, with the slogan ‘You’re never alone’ with their brand. This media influence, coupled with the easy accessibility of tobacco products further normalised smoking for teenagers, which then repeatedly continued on into adulthood.

Breaking free from the habit becomes increasingly challenging as the physical and emotional dependencies intensify. Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis to stop smoking will address the subconscious cues responsible for you feeling compelled to reach for a cigarette at specific times of the day, during periods of stress, or as a form of social bonding when you are with fellow smokers.* Distraction techniques together with calming and relaxation methods can be introduced to enable you to overcome the familiar and automatic hand-to-mouth action related to your smoking habit.* Positive affirmations will increase your self-motivation to quit and to achieve your goal as a non-smoker.*

Hypnotherapy in Brighton to quit a long-term smoking habit is available with Jonathan Conway at The Conway Practice, or sessions can be held remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone, if preferred.

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