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Achieve Healthy Weight Management with Hypnosis in Brighton

By February 12, 2024No Comments

Hypnotherapy in Brighton for weight lossDieting, often synonymous with restrictive eating practices, is frequently the go-to solution for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. However, many may well have found that dieting isn’t the solution it is often believed to be and in fact it is likely to be counterproductive for long-term weight management and overall health. Therapeutic intervention with hypnosis for weight loss in Brighton at The Conway Practice explores the origin of your eating habits and the relationship with food.*

One key issue with traditional diets is their focus on short-term results rather than sustainable lifestyle changes. Many diets promote rapid weight loss through severe calorie restriction or exclusion of entire food groups. While these approaches may yield initial success, they often fail to address the root causes of weight gain and are challenging to maintain over the long term. This sets individuals up for a cycle of weight loss and regain, commonly known as yo-yo dieting, which can have negative consequences on both emotional and physical health. During hypnotherapy sessions with Jonathan Conway, the emotional triggers related to your eating habits will be identified and addressed to help you achieve healthy weight management.*

Furthermore, diets tend to foster a black-and-white mentality towards food, categorising items as “good” or “bad.” This can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, promoting feelings of guilt or shame when deviating from perceived dietary rules. Such emotional anxiety can contribute to disordered eating patterns and adversely impact mental well-being.

In contrast to the diet-centred approach, a more sustainable and effective strategy for healthy weight management involves adopting a holistic lifestyle change. Hypnotherapy encompasses stress management, and Jonathan will introduce new calming methods and coping mechanisms to overcome the compulsion to rely on food for comfort.* Emphasising mindful eating and fostering a positive relationship with food can contribute to long-term success without the pitfalls associated with restrictive diets.* Recognising the difference between emotional and physical hunger with the holistic support of hypnosis will enable self-awareness and the avoidance of compulsive or mindless eating.*

While you are deeply relaxed during hypnosis and your subconscious mind is more responsive to positive intervention, any negative beliefs and thoughts can be reframed, creating a new sense of self-worth and confidence.* Hypnotherapy for weight loss will help you to shift the focus towards comprehensive lifestyle changes that prioritise overall well-being and are crucial for fostering sustainable, long-term success in weight management.*

Hypnotherapy is available in face-to-face sessions at the Conway Practice in Brighton, or remotely by Zoom, Skype or telephone.* Jonathan Conway is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach, with more than 25 years of experience.