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Hypnosis for Achieving Weight Loss in Brighton

By July 26, 2022No Comments

How would you define your relationship with food and the part it plays in your daily life? You may find it an ongoing struggle to manage your eating habits, resulting in periods of indulgence, followed by feelings of regret and a short-lived avoidance of your favourite foods. This commonly gives rise to yo-yo dieting, which can continue in the long term without achieving healthy weight management. With the therapeutic intervention of hypnosis to achieve weight loss in Brighton at the Conway Practice, Jonathan will ask you to define your goals and explore any factors which relate to any negative eating patterns.* By addressing the learned behaviours which have been stored in the non-conscious mind, once identified these can then be resolved.*  Early environmental influences are often relevant to disordered eating later on in adulthood. If food is frequently given as a consolation or reward following an upsetting event during childhood, the association with comfort may well stay with you without being consciously aware of the origin.

Stress, loneliness or boredom can trigger unhealthy eating habits. While your mind is in a state of relaxed focus during the hypnotherapy sessions, the neural pathway is more responsive to positive suggestion, helping to change any self-limiting beliefs and negative behaviour* Comfort, or emotional eating is a reliance on food to manage stress and anxiety, which gives only brief relief and does nothing to resolve the underlying cause.

Mindless eating is often associated with times when you are not consciously aware of the amount you are consuming. This can easily develop into habitual behaviour while your mind is distracted and focused on another activity such as scrolling through your phone or watching a film. Hypnosis for weight loss can enable you be aware of the difference between emotional and physical hunger to overcome the negative cycle of oblivious snacking.*

Hypnotherapy is a holistic approach to managing the stress response and to overcome a disordered mindset, by introducing new coping mechanisms and calming strategies, allowing you to re-establish a healthy relationship with food.*

For an appointment for hypnosis for achieving weight loss in Brighton call Jonathan today on 07956 855 027