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Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Hove can help you stop smokingHypnotherapy is an effective tool for many people wanting to overcome negative behaviour and habits including smoking.* This is a safe therapeutic process which opens up a new pathway to the subconscious, using guided relaxation and focused attention to help you to achieve a state of calm and increased suggestibility, allowing you to better absorb new ideas and perspectives.* Support to stop smoking with hypnosis in Brighton at The Conway Practice involves using this technique to address the emotional aspects of habitual behaviour, with the goal of helping you to overcome the triggers related to the subconscious hand-to-mouth action and become a non-smoker.* Hypnotherapy is also available during remote sessions by Zoom, Skype or telephone.

During a hypnotherapy session, Jonathan Conway will use a variety of techniques to help you to achieve a relaxed and receptive state, such as visualisation, suggestion, and positive reinforcement.* You will be guided through a series of mental exercises designed to help you let go of your attachment to smoking and to develop a new, healthier perspective on life.*

One of the main advantages of quitting smoking with hypnotherapy is that it addresses the underlying factors contributed to the habit.* Many smokers find that their addiction is closely tied to stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to manage these feelings so that you no longer feel the need to turn to cigarettes for relief.*

Hypnosis can also be an effective therapeutic tool for addressing the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.* During a hypnotherapy session, Jonathan may use suggestions such as distraction and calming methods to help you feel more comfortable and less anxious during the early stages of cessation.* This can be especially helpful if you have tried to stop smoking in the past and found that the initial discomfort was too overwhelming.*

Overall, quitting smoking with hypnotherapy can be a powerful tool for those committed to overcoming their habit.* Jonathan Conway is a qualified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach with over 25 years of experience who can guide you through the process and help you to achieve your goals.*

For more information or to make an appointment call Jonathan today on 07956 855 027