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Hypnotherapy in Harley Street

Hypnosis in Harley Street to manage social anxiety

By October 25, 2021No Comments

Hypnotherapy for Phobias at The Conway PracticeIf you are finding the prospect of returning to life outside of the home overwhelming after having limited physical contact with friends and work colleagues during lock-down, hypnosis in Harley Street can help you to overcome any social anxiety.* While some are naturally gregarious, many find it stressful to communicate face-to-face, especially in an unfamiliar setting and situation. This is more extreme than shyness and social anxiety is a common phobic response to interacting with others.

At The Conway Practice during a one-to-one appointments with Jonathan or remotely by Skype, Zoom or telephone, in applying the therapeutic process of hypnosis it is possible to access the memories and thoughts which are stored deeply within the subconscious mind.*

Attending Hypnosis in Harley Street to manage social anxiety is an important step in helping you to recognise the situations and past experiences which are responsible for the stress that socialising triggers in your present life. This may be due to incidents as far back as early childhood or adolescence, of which you may now have no conscious awareness.

A social phobia often stems from a fear of being judged harshly for saying the wrong thing or of feeling like an outsider within the group. An intense fear of public speaking is a form of social anxiety, where you feel that you are under the spotlight and are being closely scrutinised. This is not only an emotional response to stress, it also triggers the ‘flight or fight’ reaction when the adrenalin level is raised, with physical discomfort such has nausea, an increased heart beat, sweating and trembling. During the hypnotherapy sessions, new coping mechanisms can be introduced with relaxation methods and positive visualisation techniques, reducing tension and anxiety.*

Social anxiety can limit your personal life when you regularly avoid socialising with friends and family, but it can also restrict progression within your career if you struggle to communicate during business meetings and presentations. Hypnosis in Harley Street to manage social anxiety provides a safe and effective method in which to address and resolve any negative thoughts and beliefs which have been defining the way you behave and feel in the company of others.*  This can open the door to a new-found freedom where socialising becomes a rewarding and relaxed experience.*

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