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HypnosisHypnotherapy in Harley Street

Hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice

By February 20, 2020No Comments

NLP in Brighton & Hove at The Conway PracticeIn the first months of a new year, it’s common to reflect on the achievements or regrets of the time that has passed. If you feel that professional or personal issues remain unresolved, Hypnotherapy in Harley Street at the Conway Practice provides the opportunity to make beneficial life-style changes and to improve any areas which have been lacking in direction and focus.*

During the first consultation, Jonathan Conway will explain how hypnotherapy can be extremely effective by introducing new coping mechanisms, resulting in increased positivity and self-confidence. Hypnosis opens a pathway to the subconscious where any negative thoughts and experiences have been stored,  re-surfacing whenever a similar situation arises.*

Phobias for example, such as a fear of flying, social anxiety or public speaking,  can share a common trigger which the conscious mind may be completely unaware of. For anyone faced with their phobia, avoidance may bring temporary relief, but when occurring on a daily basis this can be extremely disruptive and self-limiting.

The therapeutic process of hypnosis can help to identify the triggers to irrational fears and to trace the origin.* Many phobias are found to share a common factor, with a fear of flying, public speaking or social anxiety for example, all often relating to feeling outside of your comfort zone and no longer in control. Avoidance of situations which are linked to your phobia may well bring some temporary relief, however when you find yourself attempting to avoid being faced with your fears on a regular basis, this can be self-limiting and extremely disruptive. Hypnotherapy can be applied to erase the learned response, which may have been inherited during early conditioning or due to a distressing incident in your own past.*

Anxiety and fear are dis-empowering and self-limiting, impacting on professional progression and personal relationships. Once you are able to recognise the origin of your fears or lack of self-worth, during hypnosis any negative thought patterns held in the subconscious can be identified and addressed.* When seeking relief from anxiety or stress, hypnosis in Harley Street can change the way in which you react to stressors, igniting your natural ability to increase confidence and achieve ambitions.*

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